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Our vision is to provide opportunities to students that will mould them into global citizens and help them to follow the policy of

" Live and Let Live"

and thus make Mother Earth a better place to live in, devoid of wars, confrontations and disputes.


In pursuit of this vision, the mission of our school is :

  • To provide an environment which will empower students to maximize their inherent potentialities in order to become responsible citizens of our country as well as the world.
  • To create an environment of caring, sharing and inspiring all its members.
  • To provide opportunities to every child to gain knowledge, understanding, wisdom and behaviour necessary to function effectively in a society.
  • To provide opportunities to hone their artistic and technological skills.
  • To provide a student-centered environment, conducive to innovative teaching and learning experience.
  • To provide excellent infrastructure.
  • To instil a belief in national integration, a healthy pride in the Indian values and culture.

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